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Academy of Chiropractic Clinical Excellence Awards

The following doctors have earned through formal academic accomplishments in the graduate chiropractic arena, levels of clinical excellence. Each level is based upon the length of the doctor’s curriculum vitae for credentials earned through accredited doctoral and post-doctoral academics (recognized by either a governmental regulatory body or doctoral academic institution), work experience, being published, community service, teaching/lecturing, and memberships. The doctor’s curriculum vitae (CV) must be in the format as outlined in the US Chiropractic Directory (www.USChiropracticDirectory.com) and posted on the same to link the doctor’s credentials therefore ensuring a legally defensible standard. This recognition is available to any licensed doctor of chiropractic.

Doctors: To add your CV, the guidelines are 1/2″ borders in 12pts., Times New Roman. Please email Jessica (jbaltrusitis91@gmail.com) your CV, and your link to the US Chiropractic Directory. She will update this site when received and validated. 

Award Recipients (click name to view doctor's CV)

Century Award: 100+ pages

New York – Mark Studin DC

Platinum Award: 50 pages

Georgia – Don Capoferri DC

New York – William Owens DC

Texas – Mark Lesko DC

Gold Award: 40 pages

Florida – Matt Erickson DC, FSBT
Idaho – Dax Sirucek DC

Washington – Michael Church DC

Silver Award: 30 pages

Arkansas – Steven Bennett DC

Georgia – Craig Steingraber DC

Connecticut – Ronald Manoni DC

Colorado – Ronald Salvaggione DC

Georgia – Thomas Caputo DC

Idaho – David Herrin DC

Illinois – David Leger DC

Maryland – Josh Bross DC

Minnesota – Matthew Collins DC

Missouri – Steven Skaggs DC

Nevada – Eric Galla DC

New Jersey – John Cintineo DC

New York – Lawrence Lefcort DC

North Carolina – Timothy Weir DC

Pennsylvania – Jason Tripp DC

Utah – Eric Lee DC

Bronze Award: 20 pages


California – Michael Riccoboni DC

California – Robb Rattray DC

California  – Ronald Benson DC

California – Kirk Wright DC

Colorado – Ryan Weisberger DC

Delaware – Jack Norsworthy, Jr DC

Illinois – Ivan Bracic DC

Illinois – April Miller DC

Illinois – Michael Krys DC

Illinois – David Ginsberg DC

Kansas – Mark Balderston DC

Louisiana – Dallas Humble DC

Louisiana – Jeff Miller DC

Massachusetts – Chris Quigley DC

Michigan – Khaled Elganainy DC

Minnesota – Aaron Williams DC

New Jersey – Dean Insana DC

New York – Dennis Long DC

New York – William Thatcher DC

Oklahoma – Anthony Inglese DC


Oregon – Gregory Willard DC

Oregon –Garreth MacDonald DC

Pennsylvania – Robert Blake DC

Tennessee – Richard Hathcock DC

Texas – Mark Harris DC

Utah – Jeffery Clayton DC

Utah – Sam Adams DC

Virginia – David A. Packer DC

Virginia – Steve Lininger DC

Virginia  – Heath Bills DC

Washington – James Frandanisa DC

Wisconsin – Gregory Bernard DC

Copper Award: 10 Pages

Arizona – Davis Mark Fiedler DC

Arizona – Alan Cross DC

Arkansas – Chad Dawson DC

California – Amin Nia DC

California – Suzanne Frye DC

Rick Junnila – Rick Junnila DC

Colorado – Josh Johnston DC

Connecticut – Michael Barone DC

Connecticut – Robert Pesale DC

Delaware – Richard McKay DC

Florida – Stephen Canuel DC

Florida – Nicholas Muthart DC

Florida – Noah Herbert DC

Florida – Norman Adelkopf DC

Florida – Scott Meide DC

Florida – William Palmer DC

Georgia – Henry Phung DC

Idaho – Dax Sirucek DC

Illinois – Ted Oslay DC

Kentucky – Gregory Thomas DC

Louisiana – Dennis Mutell DC

Michigan – Jack Moses DC

Mississippi – Andrew Cefalu DC

Missouri – Kyle Longo DC

Nebraska – Bruce Godfrey DC

Nevada – Joseph Bananto DC

Nevada – Eric Galla DC

Nevada – John-Paul Curletto DC

New Jersey – Mark Zientek DC

New Jersey – Christopher Fischer DC

New Jersey – Ralph Latyschow DC

New Jersey – David DePaolis DC

New Jersey – Michael Lagana DC

New Jersey – J Scott Neuner DC

New York – Frank Cohen DC

North Carolina – Tammy Atkinson DC

North Carolina – Mark Jensen DC

North Carolina – Brad Shook DC

North Carolina – Brandon Burkley DC

North Carolina – Derek Farmen DC

North Carolina – Matthew Stockstad DC

Ohio – Peter Markovic DC

Ohio – Scott Ferguson DC

Ohio – Vincent Simokovich DC

Oregon – Garreth MacDonald DC

Oregon – Gregory Willard DC

Pennsylvania – Anthony Calantoni, DC

Pennsylvania – John Lupo DC

Pennsylvania – Angelo Karakasis DC

Pennsylvania – 

South Carolina – Clay Wickiser DC

Texas – Matthew James DC 

Texas – Aaron Smith DC

Tennessee – Ted Showalter DC

Virginia – Michael Pasternack DC