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License Reputation Resurrection Program

You regained your license.
Now it’s time to rebuild your reputation.

Let us use our 40 years of experience to help you restore your reputation and your career.

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Did you previously Lose your license for any reason, either criminal or civil?
Do you have misconduct or any other negative designations permanently listed against your license? Do you now have your license back?
Your work isn’t done. You now need to rebuild your reputation and career. The Academy of Chiropractic’s License Reputation Resurrection Program has been tested and proven to help others in your exact situation rebuild their reputation and their practices.

Customized Business/Career Strategy

A strategy tailored to your circumstances, around rebuilding your practice and reputation

Easy-to-Follow Playbook

Full step-by-step instructions on the proper processes and methodology.

Compliance Oversight

Oversight to ensure bulletproof compliance.

Mentorship Program

Successful members of our program are on hand to assist you through the process.

Complete Confidentiality

Your privacy is of utmost importance. Your information will never be shared with anyone.

Counseling, Mediation, & Representation

Dr. Mark Studin and the Academy of Chiropractic have successfully market-tested over the last 4 years a program that helps doctors of chiropractic render negative licensure issues irrelevant once your license has been restored.

Simple Monthly Fee

Pay one fee for all consultant services
$ 249
  • Customized Business/Career Strategy​
  • Easy-to-Follow Playbook​
  • Compliance Oversight​
  • Mentorship Program​
  • Complete Confidentiality