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Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma

After earning your Trauma Qualification in a 1-year program as a pre-requisite, in a 1-year program, this involves significant literature study, documentation, testing and clinical rotations in the following specialties:

Rotation   #1: Pain Management – Clinical Practice
Rotation   #2: Pain Management – Procedural Observation
Rotation   #3: MRI Physics – MRI Technician
Rotation   #4: Neuroradiology – Radiology Observation
Rotation   #5: Orthopedic Surgery Extremities – Clinical Practice
Rotation   #6: Orthopedic Surgery Extremities – Surgical Observation
Rotation   #7: Orthopedic Surgery Spine – Clinical Practice
Rotation   #8: Orthopedic Surgery Spine – Surgical Observation
Rotation   #9: Neurosurgery – Clinical Practice
Rotation #10: Neurosurgery – Surgical Observation
Rotation #11: Emergency Medicine – Emergency Room Observation
Rotation #12: Family Practice – Clinical Practice (In/Out-Patient)

These are done in both the hospital and private clinical settings. The Academy of Chiropractic assigns a Fellowship instructor to help place you in your community and guides you through the protocols for each rotation. You will be also be assigned a mentor from previously graduated Fellows to support you in the process.