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Mark Studin, DC
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Developing Platforms for Academic, Clinical & Practice Success

Through our business strategy of market testing chiropractic academia, medical academia, chiropractic practices, medical primary care providers, medical specialists, lawyer’s practices and the courts we have developed programs to ensure a doctor of chiropractic’s referral sources are running after them purely based on the doctor’s clinical excellence. This strategy has created an unparalleled success of 00 into chiropractic practices nationally, while supporting the doctor’s balanced family life.

We bring world-class educators in their respective fields from both chiropractic and medical academia to ensure unparalleled education in our industry.

PI, MD, ER & Urgent Care Referral Program

We focus on Lawyer, MD Specialist and Primary Care, ER’s, Urgent Care Centers and Corporate (institutional) referrals. 

Clinical Excellence Awards 

Being clinically excellent through formal credentials is a recognition many have achieved through a vision and very hard work.

Live Programs

The Academy offers continual live programming both streaming and by creating events to attend. Our programs are “cutting edge” and continually change to meet the needs of the profession.

Our Podcast Library

Our Podcast channels are designed for both our consulting programs and for the public. The center on contemporary issues and challenges in both the profession and offers solutions for individual practices.

Purchase Scholarly Books

The Academy of Chiropractic has created books that support the Science of Chiropractic, MRI Interpretation and the Medical-Legal process. All are evidence-based for quick references.

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