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Social Media and Personal Injury

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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark student. Welcome to the academy of chiropractic doctors, PI program consultations. I am very excited that you took the time to do this and make the commitment to your career, to your family, to yourself, just to be the best of the best of your clinical excellence. Sit back and enjoy the consultations.

Social media for marketing really hit it stride maybe about seven, eight years ago. And it was wonderful. It was just great, but as it got more crowded it became an interesting place because a lot of it became white noise and a lot of people, the public use it to shop. They actually, it’s a shopper’s paradise to see what’s out there to see what’s being offered and people are looking at it. However, you have to be careful because when you’re getting patients, you’re getting shoppers and the, and the quality of patient and the type of insurances they have and, and what they’re coming in with often aren’t the type of people you’d want to really attract into your practice, or you might, but when it comes to personal injury, it’s a real dicey scenario to consider personal injury as the cornerstone of getting a personal injury patient.

And I tell people if you’re gonna consider per social media for personal injury marketing, as your sole source of cases, you have to be very careful. You really should use it for reputation building. And that’s where you help build a foundation for people to understand. It’s a piece of the puzzle. It should not be the core of the puzzle. It should be the, to the puzzle. So when you’re looking at social media, when you look at, at building a reputation, you have to put your reputation out there. So what you should offer for personal injury patients is your clinical excellence. Talk about your credentials. Talk about what you’re expert at talk in the personal injury genre, because people are looking for the best of the best, especially when they’re in an accident. Let’s face it. If you, if you had cancer, would you look for a doctor that advertised Ben pens or advertised that you’re a nice person or you’re a family person?

No, you want someone with the highest credentials. You want someone that’s that, that that’s been published. That’s that’s done research. And these are the things you have to look into, but your credentials should be your calling card. Now you say, well, well, we’re not cancer patients. We don’t deal with life and death. Why is that important? Well, let me share something with you folks. If you’re a Chi chiropractor, you are absolutely critical to your patient’s lives. They can’t function without you. Many of them, they don’t have a life. Their life is upside down. They’re in pain. They can’t go to work. They can’t enjoy things. They can’t do sports. They can’t carry their kids. They can’t do the things they need to do and want to do in life. So personal injuries should be about how incredibly good you are from a clinical perspective on social media.

Now, if you’re doing personal injury, social media can absolutely be used against you. Are you out there saying you’re wonderful doctor. You’re terrific. You’re great. And the next social media picture, you’re out there drinking with your buddies. You’re out there smoking marijuana, even though it’s legal in some, in some places as drinking is legal, because what you don’t want to do is a defense lawyer on a witness stand. And you ever know when you’re gonna end up there testifying for your patients saying ladies and general, the jury, this doctor portrays himself as an upstanding citizen and his credentials and his CS, 30 pages long, heres 50 50 pictures over the last two years of him drinking with his friends. Am I suggesting he’s an alcohol? Absolutely not, but I am telling you, this is what this person’s focus of life is about. And it’s laid out on social media.

So be very careful what you put on social media. Be very, very careful because it will be used against you, just like it’ll be used against your patients, but that’s a whole different story, but your CV is critical and you need to build an admissible CV, and you need to offer that on social media, let your patients and potential patients see who you are and show them courses in orthopedics and MRI in electro diagnostics and stroke, show them incredible academic in institutions that you’ve earned credentials from such as Cleveland university or life university, but also show them medical academia such as the state university of New York at Buffalo school of medicine or Harvard or, or, or Yale look for courses in those academic institutions, because those are the things that help build your reputation. Listen, it’ll be my pleasure if you’d like to look at a sample CV and because it has to be in a certain format, it should not be your resume.

So what I want you to do is if you’d like to send me your quest and I’d be more than happy to share it with you, it’ll be my pleasure. Listen, it, this is just one piece of the puzzle. And I look to share it with you and help you because this is what we do in the academy of chiropractic. Our coaching side on the doctor’s personal injury program are doctor’s average 15 PI cases a month on average, some a whole lot more and some less, but in missable, CV is the cornerstone of that success. So thank you so much for letting me share this with you and have a great day. I hope you enjoyed the podcast you just heard, and it’s been my pleasure

To bring this to you. Please understand that this is a very small piece of the puzzle, and it is my goal to bring you many, many pieces of the puzzle so that the picture can become clearer. Your practice can thrive. Chiropractic can thrive, and I at least can be a small part of that. I, and it’s my pleasure. So again, if you want to a chat, gimme a agenda, 6 3 1 7 8 6 4 2 5 3 that’s 6 3 1 7 8 6 4 2 5 3. Or go to our website and teach T E a C H chiros, C H I R os.com. Thank you so much. And I look forward to seeing you or chatting with you on our next five. Have a great day.