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Client Testimonials

Brian Lewis

Founding Partner
Dr. Hiller reached out to me to help solve an inter-office concern regarding members of his staff. Their disregard for his established procedures was costing him revenue, yet he didn't want to let go personnel that he helped train. I helped him come up with a win/win solution.
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Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen


Did the Numbers.

A quick thank you; I ran financial numbers for the months of March and April and compared them to pre-Studin of several years ago.  First of all it has been great to go from an insanely large marketing budget monthly (risky) to none.  Second, after accounting for reductions from attorneys, and monthly office expenses without my doctor salary, net office income is up more than 500%. What else can I say? 

Kicking Butt in Depositions

I have been using the knowledge that you have given me and in the last 4 depositions I have kicked butt. So far this month we have seen 89 new patients in personal injury and it is only the 13th! It is amazing when you really know your stuff how it shows to those around you.

24 new PI cases per month.

Just a quick update.  Since we last spoke about PVA it has improved from 19.8 to 26.17.  Also through October we have averaged 24 new PI cases per month. We previoulsy averaged 5 new PI case per month. Thanks!!!!!

Meeting 420 attorneys.

Thanks to you I have 5 new PI Patients scheduled for tomorrow. When I first started with the Doctors PI Program, about a year ago, I was averaging 17 new cases per month and over the last 3 months we have been getting over 30 per month….and that was from meeting 30 lawyers following your program.. We still have another 420 lawyers to meet.