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S.O.A.P. Notes Done For You

The #1 issue every doctor in the country has is how to keep up with the documentation requirements. Most doctors feel they must compromise healthcare and having a relationship with their patients to keep up with the requirements to document everything. In addition, these requirements too often prevent practice growth because of the time in front of a computer screen. The net result for too many doctors is to either compromise the required elements and leaving themselves exposed to fraud issues or get “backed up,” often for weeks with notes that need to get done.

We offer a contemporary solution that allows you to stay current on your notes and focus on your patients.

Retainer Cost
$ 250

Procedure: Once we receive your retainer payment, you will receive access codes to our HIPAA compliant document transfer service. For certain EMR programs, you will provide us with an access code and we will do the report directly within your EMR via the “Cloud”, the rest will receive all documents electronically in Word format to make any changes desired.


$20 per Evaluations & Re-Evaluation
$3 per S.O.A.P. Note

Rules: S.O.A.P. Notes can only be done with cases that have an evaluation (old cases and the last re-evaluation can be accepted). You will receive your reports at the end of each week and be balance billed via checking account debit ONLY (no credit cards). 

There is a retainer of $250 to get started and balanced billed weekly via bank debit only

1. Pay the $250 retainer

2. Purchase and/or use the approved evaluation template

3. Purchase and/or use the approved S.O.A.P. Note template

4. The initial submission MUST have either a new patient or re-evaluation template prior to the S.O.A.P. Notes

5. Organize the submission chronologically with all documents facing the same direction

6. Fax all documents via our HIPAA secure portal to 855-350-5607

7. Inquiries: Nicole Curtain DC can be reached at ncurtin@gbaic.com