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The Science of Chiropractic Vol.1

Science of Chiropractic

Volume 1

181 Pages




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Table of Contents

The Authors. 5

Preface. 6

Brain Connection. 10

Chiropractic, Chronic Back Pain and Brain Shrinkage: A better understanding of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Depression and Cognitive Disorders and Chiropractic’s Role. A Literature Review of the Mechanisms. 10

Non-Specific Back Pain, Mechanical Spine Pain, Primary Care Medicine and Chiropractic as Primary Spine Care. 19

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments and the Effects on the Neuro-Endocrine System and the Central Nervous System Connection: A literature review and report 26

Chiropractic’s Mechanism in Pain Modulation and the Connection to Systemic Diseases: A Literature Review and Synthesis on the Possible Effects of Chiropractic on Cancers, Systemic Diseases, Mental and Social Disorders and Sexual Behavior. 31

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments, Changes in Organ Systems & Treatment of Disease: A literature review and report on the positive effects of chiropractic on the autonomic nervous system, heart function and the circulatory system.. 40

Chiropractic Adjustment Indication. 47

Indications for Chiropractic Adjustment – Clinical Perspective. 47

Arthritis. 48

Arthritis Prevention and Chiropractic: Chiropractic prevents arthritis in accident victims, the elderly and the sedentary. 48

Low Back Pain, Arthritis and Chiropractic: A Clinical Correlation. 51

Arthritis and Low Back Pain: Chiropractic Care vs. Heat Treatment 53

Chiropractic Care for OA of the Hip – Patient Education vs. Manual Therapy. 55

Chiropractic and your Medical Doctor. 56

Balance and Movement 56

Balance and Movement and the Effect of Chiropractic Care: Utilization with the Elderly, Cerebral Palsy, the Athlete, and the General Population. 57

Balance, Chronic Pain and Chiropractic. 58

Increased Balance, Movement, and Kinematics as a Result of Chiropractic Care: A research conclusion that affects rehabilitation patients, athletes, balance disorders and increased production in the workplace. 59

Chiropractic care improves brain function and the body’s motor or movement ability: Research findings that redefine care for every rehabilitation patient for all motor disorders. 62

Cost Effectiveness. 64

Chiropractic Saves Federal and Private Insurers $15,897,840,000 and Adds $692,160,000 in Wages to Americans. 64

Work Injuries, Workers Compensation and Chiropractic: A solution to lowering health care costs in America. 66

Work Related Injuries, Recurring Low Back Pain, Chronic Care and Chiropractic Treatment: A Proven Solution to Save Federal, State and Private Insurers $2,871,485,223. 71

Disc Pathology. 73

Back and Leg Pain (Lumbar Radiculopathy) as a Result of Disc Herniation and the Long Term Effect of Chiropractic Care. 74

Sciatica (Leg Pain) & Lumbar Disc Herniation; Surgery vs. Chiropractic Care. 75

Herniated Discs, Radiating Pain and Chiropractic. 77

Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniations and Chiropractic Care. 78

Disc Herniations, Bulges, Sciatic Pain and Chiropractic. 80

Disc Injury Causes Pain. 81

Disc Injury Causes Chronic Headache. 82

Chiropractic Management of Radiculopathy Due to Disc Herniation. 82

Spinal Manipulation versus Microdiscectomy in Patients with Sciatica. 83

Geriatrics. 83

Older American Utilization of Chiropractic Care. 83

Dizziness in Older Adults and Chiropractic Care. 84

Urinary Incontinence May Improve With Chiropractic Care: A 6 year “Case Report” study of 21 Cases. 86

Headaches. 87

Chiropractic Saves Federal and Private Insurers $13,680,000,000 and Resolves Many Issues Facing Emergency Rooms Today. 87

Headaches and Chiropractic Care. 89

Headaches & Migraine: Chiropractic vs. Medication, Effectiveness & Safety. 91

Migraine Headaches and Chiropractic. 93

Chiropractic Care, Amitriptyline and Migraine Headaches. 94

Chiropractic and Chronic Headaches – A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial 94

Randomized Clinical Trail-Update. 95

Guidelines for Chiropractic Treatment of Headache. 96

Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain. 96

Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot Problems. 97

Integrative Care. 98

Integrative Approach to Work Injuries. 98

Chiropractic Care Effective for Chronic Spinal Pain. 99

Credentials and Skill Set Matter to Patients over Bed-Side Manner. 100

National Survey of Pain Management Clinicians. 101

Adding Chiropractic to Standard Medical Care for Patients with Acute Low Back Pain. 101

Chiropractic as Portal of Entry for Spine Care. 102

Management of Chronic Spine Pain – Chiropractic’s Role. 103

Low Back Pain. 104

Low Back Pain: Chiropractic vs. Muscle Relaxants. 104

Acute (Severe) Low Back Pain, Early Intervention and Chiropractic. 106

Disc Arthroplasty (Disc Replacement Surgery), Low Back Pain and the Efficacy of Post-Surgical Chiropractic Care. 107

Low Back Pain, Reduced Disability and Chiropractic: A Study in Proper Diagnosis. 109

Chronic Low Back Pain: Chiropractic vs. Medicine. 110

Recurrent Low Back Pain and Chiropractic. 112

Low Back Injuries and Chiropractic. 113

Back Pain: Chiropractic vs. Medical Doctors Who Get Better Results and who is More Cost Effective?. 114

Harvard Report Points to Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief & the Safety of the Chiropractic Adjustment 115

Patient Outcomes Proves More Effective with Chiropractic Combined with Standard Medical Care than Standard Medical Care Alone in the Military. 116

Comparing the Satisfaction of Low Back Pain Patients Receiving Medical vs. Chiropractic Care: Results from the UCLA Back Pain Study. 117

Work Injuries, Full Recovery and Chiropractic Care: Resolving the myth that doing nothing is better. 118

Chiropractic’s Unique Ability to Manage Recurrence of Work-Related Lower Back Pain. 120

Chiropractic Management of Veterans with Lower Back Pain. 120

Post-Surgical Lumbar Spine pain and Chiropractic Management 121

Mid back and Chest Pain. 122

Chest Pain, Mid Back Pain and Chiropractic. 122

The Effects of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments on Heart Rates. 123

Chronic or Acute (Non-Cardiac) Chest Pain and Chiropractic. 125

Chronic Back Pain, Prevention and Chiropractic. 126

Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal chest pain: design of a multi-purpose trial 127

Musculoskeletal 128

Spinal Manipulation Clinically Reduces Pain Sensitivity. 128

Myofascial Trigger Points and Chronic Pain. 129

Myofascial Trigger Points and Tension Headache. 129

Myofascial Trigger Points – Hands on Therapy. 129

Myofascial Trigger Points Contribute to Migraine Symptoms. 130

Distinct Trigger Point Patterns Discovered in Whiplash. 130

Induction of Muscle Cramps by Stimulation of Latent Trigger Points. 131

Chiropractic Management of Myofascial Pain Syndrome. 131

Decreased Muscle Spasms and Chiropractic Care. 132

Chiropractic Scores Highest Among Professional Students in Understanding Musculoskeletal Conditions. 132

Muscle Pain, Trigger Points and Chiropractic. 134

Increased Sports Performance and Chiropractic. 135

Spinal Manipulation Clinically Reduces Pain Sensitivity. 137

Neck Pain. 138

Acute Neck Pain (Torticollis), Disability and Chiropractic: Patient Satisfaction Results. 138

Chronic Neck Pain and Chiropractic: A Comparative Study with Massage Therapy. 139

Neck Pain and Chiropractic. 140

Neck Pain and Headaches. 141

Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain and Chiropractic. 143

Prediction of Outcomes with Chiropractic Care and Cervical Pain. 143

Whiplash Disorders and Neck Pain. 145

Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness & Hip Pain. 147

Cervical Disc Herniation with Radiculopathy (Arm Pain): Chiropractic Care vs. Injection Therapy. 149

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Outcomes Improve with Chiropractic Care. 151

When Will Chiropractic Work For Neck Pain?. 153

Pediatrics. 154

Children and Chiropractic: A Study in Adverse Effects. 154

Children with Tremors and Conversion Disorder: A Possible Chiropractic Solution. 155

Children-Pediatric Utilization of Chiropractic Care. 158

Pregnancy. 159

Pregnancy, Back Pain & Chiropractic. 160

Sciatica Pain. 160

Sciatica, Low Back Pain and Chiropractic. 161

Chiropractic Shown Effective for Sciatica. 162

Scoliosis. 163

Scoliosis and Chiropractic Care. 163

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treated by Spinal Manipulation: A Case Study. 165

Shoulder, Arm, and Hand. 165

Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist, Hand and Chiropractic. 165

Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow) and Chiropractic. 168

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Chiropractic. 169

Tennis (Golf) Elbow and Chiropractic Care. 170

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Improves With Chiropractic Care. 172

Stroke. 172

Adverse Events Following Chiropractic. 173

Stroke Rehabilitation and the Positive Effects of Chiropractic on the Response to the Central Nervous System and Motor Training Tasks. 174

Stroke Risks While Under Chiropractic Care: Debunking the Myth that Chiropractic Causes Stroke. 175

Cost Effectiveness. 178

Value of Chiropractic Care. 178

Chiropractic Care is 40% Less Costly than Medical Care for Lower Back Pain. 179

Spinal Manipulation Clinically and Cost Effective. 180

Chiropractic, Disc Injury and Patient Satisfaction. 180

Hip. Knee, and Ankle. 181

Chiropractic and the Lower Extremities. 181