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Reputation in Practice = Referrals

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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark student and welcome to the academy of chiropractic folks, reputation and practice equals referrals. What makes up your reputation? Is it that you’re a nice person or you help people get well? Is your ability to heal the key to a good reputation? What’s your physical office? What does it contribute to a good or bad reputation? And what does your documentation say at you as a doctor, which builds your reputation folks? The reality is your referral sources are predominantly lawyers, medical doctors, or patients. Those are your three basic referral sources and two out of three rely on your documentation. It’s gotta be pristine. Your physical plan says a lot about you, whether it’s clean, whether it’s sturdy, whether your walls have frayed pictures on it or diplomas and every, all your accomplishments, all these things make up your reputation. Do you have your CV listed online? Go to the us chiropractic director. You could build your CV online that builds your reputation because in the long haul, the better your reputation, the better your practice. If you like a little bit more information or a sample of what a good CV looks like. Listen, go back to the site, click on it, send me a, send me a note and I’ll be more than happy to send you a sample. Thank you and have a great day.