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Protect Your Practice From Bad Staff Members

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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark student. And welcome to the academy of chiropractic chiropractors. You have to protect your practice from bad staff members. Do you have a state mandate written office policy? Yes. Your department of labor mandates that. Why do you fire bad staff members? You have to have a reason is your firing practices legally defensible. And do you offer a dangerous, a dangerous probation period? All of these things matter in building an infrastructure within your practice, your staff office policy has to handle all of those things and protect your practice, protect your family, and actually protect you because they’re gonna go after you. And I’ve had that unfortunately happen to me and I did not have the appropriate paperwork. My staff members sued me and we actually went to trial on sued me for that I was prejudiced against her that because she was a female and it was, it was terrible.

And we went to court and I beat her and then she appealed it and we won again. We had four trials we won. Did I really win two years and $50,000 in legal fees in courts. So if you have the right documentation, you will have a Bulletproof vest to protect yourself from the bad staff members who are predatory and looking to make you their annuity. So if you want a sample or a snippet of what we have, please just email me. We’ll we’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll be able to give you a piece of it. We’ll give you a, a place to get a good staff policy. We’ve got all of those things handled, and unfortunately I’ve had to work it out. So go back to the site, take a look at it and and we’ll send you whatever you want. Thank you so much. Have a great day.