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Do Your Patients Understand What an Adjustment Is and What It Does?

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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark student and welcome to the academy of chiropractic. Can you explain what an adjustment does is your explanation steeped in philosophy? Do you have scientific literature to support your explanation? Can you state it succinctly and clearly, or are you still practicing the old chiro one step two, test two step BS mode folks. You’ve gotta really understand because the chiropractic spinal adjustment, there is so much scientific literature about it, and yes, there’s bone on nerves, but it’s not the nerve root. And then you’ve gotta deal with the ligaments that surround that joint capsule. The bone on nerve is the no receptors on the facets in the joint capsule. You’ve got Pisidian Corpus or Phini Corpus. You’ve got gogi ligament, organs. You’ve got other nose preceptors. All of those things are affected with the chiropractic spinal adjustment. You need to know it. You have to be able to explain it. If you’re dealing with lawyers or medical doctors on the witness stand, they’re now asking chiropractors to explain that medical providers actually want to know, and you gotta be able to explain it and you can’t give them the old philosophical answer. So listen, if you want some literature on this, a piece of information, now it works. I’ve got it for you. You know, go back to the site, send me a note. I’ll send it to you. It’ll be my pleasure, because if it helps chiropractic I’m all in. Thanks and have a great.