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Do Your Patients Understand Disc Pathology?

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Hey, can you explain disc pathology? What’s a herniation, a protrusion, and an extrusion, a bulge. How does this pertain to a chiropractic practice folks, if you want to have a contemporary practice where you’re dealing with collaborative medical physicians, you’re dealing with specialist primary cares, or you’re dealing with lawyers, even patients, you have to know this stuff. This is just basics. This is like crawling in a practice, not even walking or running, it’s more than just putting blinders on and going. I only need to know how to adjust. You have to know how to manage this case, because whether it’s a herniation, protrusion, extrusion, bulge, or even fragmentation matters how you’re going to triage the case, how you gonna explain it. And you know, when I start explaining these things to patients and I start being a little bit more responsibly, not aggressive, but responsible in ordering advanced images.

Guess what happened? Patients started referring in other patients, Hey, you gotta go to my doc. He is so thorough. He understands this stuff. He spoke to my orthopedist. He spoke to my primary. He spoke to my lawyer. He spoke to my husband. He explained everything. This guy knows his stuff. Okay. Folks, it matters. It matters tremendously. It’s about being the best of the best through clinical excellence. And it only takes a little bit of time. If you want some information, if you want a piece of literature, if you want an explanation articles, go back to the site, gimme a call, send me an note. I’ll be happy to send it to you. Thank you and have a great day.